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About Me

My name is Daniel and I’m the sole person behind Rock The Blockchain. I manage the validator with a background of 15+ years in IT Managed Services. My experience includes network management and Unified Communications troubleshooting with a specialty in Cisco Systems platforms. My understanding of managing mission critical systems while treating and communicating with you like a valued delegate is on aspect which separates Rock The Blockchain from other validators.

Running this validator has allowed me to volunteer as a Reddit moderator, co-manage community initiatives, and support Harmony at a grassroots level. I hope this is just the beginning in my efforts to contribute to blockchain projects and their communities.

I believe in decentralization, treating people fairly and respectfully, and that all validators have a responsibility to contribute to the project they’re supporting. Thank you for staking and supporting these efforts to decentralize the future.

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Lifetime Rewards



Rock The Blockchain Validator


Operated by 15+ years of IT Managed Services experience.


We treat our delegates as customers, regardless of how large or small you’ve stake.


Easy to communicate with us on multiple social media platforms. We are heavily entwined in the Harmony community.


Daily monitoring of validator servers’ performance and uptime.

Peace of Mind

We don’t take risks with your staked assets just for an extra 1% in rewards.


We frequently stake our rewards with smaller validators to help promote decentralization.

What is Staking?

Staking coins, also known as delegating, is when a person (you, the delegate) essentially “VOTES” or “VOUCHES” for a validator to help secure the blockchain. While your coins are staked, rewards are earned in the form of ONE which is distributed throughout the day and night in proportion to the amount staked. You never lose your staked coins and can always cancel should you decide to stop staking.

The more staked with a validator, the more that validator is entrusted to secure the network and sign more blocks to be included on the blockchain.

Rewards currently average 11% APY and continue generating until the coins are undelegated or the validator stops validating blocks due to technical issues or negligence.

How To Stake?

Staking with Rock The Blockchain to earn passive rewards can be done in four simple steps

Click to Purchase ONE
from Binance *
Click to install a ONE wallet.
Transfer ONE to your new wallet.
Click to visit and login into
Delegate your ONE to
earn passive rewards.
* Visit Binance. US if you’re inside the US, and if you’re outside the US.

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Rock The BlockChain

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